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Iced tea—America’s contribution to tea history

Historically, the development of the icebox spurred the popularity of iced tea. But the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis is credited for igniting the craze. Concessionaires running the East Indian Pavilion were offering hot tea to fairgoers. Since it was a hot and muggy summer, this wasn’t going over well. In a moment of inspiration they rigged a dispenser to feed the tea through ice-cold pipes creating the instant hit that became iced tea.

What’s special about Teatulia iced teas?

You can enjoy any of Teatulia’s teas hot or iced, but what’s handy about Teatulia’s Organic on Ice line of teas is that they come in pre-measured packs for perfectly brewed iced tea every time. Each of these Organic on Ice flavors come in 1-ounce portion packs to brew 1 gallon of iced tea: Signature Black, Tulsi Infusion, Ginger Green, Pomegranate Green, and Hibiscus Berry. Great for a hot and thirsty crowd!

How to brew

Each Organic on Ice flavor includes six 1-ounce portion packs. Each portion pack brews 1 gallon of iced tea—that’s a cost of less than $1.00 per gallon! To brew 1 gallon of iced tea:

  1. Add 1 Organic on Ice portion pack tea bag to 1 gallon of just boiled water.
  2. Steep 3 to 4 minutes then remove tea bag.
  3. Place brewed tea in refrigerator and let cool. Pour over ice when ready to sip.

To brew a single serving of iced tea with any of Teatulia’s loose leaf teas or pyramid bag teas:

  1. Pour 8 oz. just boiled over 2 tablespoons loose leaf tea or 2 pyramid tea bags and steep for 2 to 4 minutes (follow steeping instructions for the tea type)
  2. Remove the tea leaves or bags and pour the just brewed tea over a glass full of ice and enjoy! Or strain, let cool to room temperature, and then refrigerate to chill.

For more easy ways to brew, visit our How to Brew Iced Tea page. http://www.teatulia.com/recipes/iced-tea.htm

Caffeine content

Teatulia Organic on Ice teas are a lower caffeine alternative to a glass of iced coffee:

  • Classic Black and Tulsi Infusion are black teas with about 50% of the caffeine of a glass of iced coffee.
  • Ginger Green and Pomegranate Green are green teas with about 25% of the caffeine of a glass of iced coffee.
  • Hibiscus Berry is naturally caffeine free.

Our Teatulia Iced Tea Sampler includes a variety of caffeine levels—all with less caffeine than a glass of iced coffee:

  • Black Tea: About 50% of the caffeine in a glass of iced coffee
  • Tulsi Infusion: About 50% of the caffeine in a glass of iced coffee
  • Lemongrass Herbal: Naturally caffeine free 

Recipes with iced tea

Many of our refreshing mocktail or cocktail recipes start with a classic brewing of iced tea.