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A Tea Dilemna: Loose Leaf or Tea Bags?

Posted by Teatulia on

When purchasing tea, you may have been confronted with the question of buying tea bags or loose leaf. Well, there are perks to both.

Tea bags are great, in that they are convenient – excellent for on-the-go and traveling. Unfortunately, there can be many downsides to drinking bagged tea:

- First off, tea bags usually contain chopped up tea leaves – almost powder – for a stronger steep, more quickly. Since no one in their right mind would do this with a high quality tea, you wont get the quality you want in these tea bags.

- Another downside is that most of this chopped-up tea sits around in warehouses, waiting to be packaged up so that by the time it finally gets to you, it’s lost most of its flavor and nutritional value. You rarely get fresh tea with tea bags. Think about the difference between freshly ground coffee and ground coffee that’s been sitting around… BIG difference, right?

- And most tea bags are made of a flat, bleached paper material. Therefore, even if the tea inside is organic, you are still getting chemicals in your cup. Also, the envelope tends to inhibit the leaves inside from completely expanding and release their full flavor while the paper itself can trap additional oils and flavor.

So, you may choose a loose leaf tea if you’re looking for the freshness, flavor, and quality typically lacking with tea bags. The potential downsides to loose tea, may be less convenience (since you need special tools in order to brew up a cup) and more thought when making a cup of tea (knowing how much tea to use, steeping times/proportions, etc.).

It’s a good thing that Teatulia, a local Denver company, happens to provide the best of both worlds. They keep the organic tea in its whole leaf form, and enclose it in beautiful, biodegradable, spacious, corn-silk tea pyramids. You get the convenience of a tea bag, without sacrificing any of the quality of a loose leaf. And, if you want loose tea, they’ve got that too!

Cheers to that!

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