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Iced Tea by Linda

Posted by Teatulia on

Linda Appel Lipsius

Co-Founder & CEO
Teatulia 100% Organic Single Garden Teas

As the warmer months sneak up on us, many people will begin to drink iced tea instead of hot tea to cool off. One of my favorite iced tea drinks is an Arnold Palmer, with half iced tea, half lemonade. It is refreshing, crisp, light, and the perfect springtime/summertime drink to compliment any meal. One of the reasons I love iced tea so much is because it is fun to play around with.

I often make my own iced tea blend by combining Teatulia Green Tea with Teatulia’s Peppermint Herbal Infusion. The Peppermint Herbal Infusion offers a smooth, buttery finish and the Teatulia Green Tea brings a refreshing, cooling quality to the blend. It’s a thirst-quencher! Alternatively, by simply adding slices of orange or lemon to your iced tea, the flavor transforms entirely. Just have fun with it!

Many people find the process of brewing iced tea complex, but really it’s super easy. Actually, brewing iced tea is a fairly simple process and can be done more ways than one. The below three options are some of the best ways to make this tasty drink!


-1 Teatulia pyramid tea bag per 12 ounces of water

-10 Teatulia pyramid tea bags per gallon of water

1.Brew your hot tea as usual and pour over ice

It is recommended to chill the tea before pouring over ice to prevent dilution.

2.Make a concentrate and dilute

Brew your tea with a higher ratio of tea to water than usual. For example, use 15 Teatulia pyramid bags per gallon of water to make a concentrate. Dilute the concentrate as you are ready to enjoy it.

3.Cold brew

Place your tea bags into a container of cold water and leave in the fridge over night. Since no heat is applied to the tea, no (or fewer) tannins are extracted from the leaves resulting in an unbelievably smooth and refreshing beverage.

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