Do you know where your tea comes from?

Single Garden Direct Tea

Do you know where your tea comes from? Where and how your tea is cultivated makes all the difference in its taste and quality, as well as its overall impact on the planet and its people. Teatulia Organic Teas travel straight from our tea garden, and like-minded gardens, to your teacup--nonstop. Here’s why you should care.


We’re Transparent

Most tea companies source tea from gardens all over the world, which means they have little control over the final product that ends up in your teacup. Our tea comes straight from our own organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh. This is totally unique to the tea industry in the United States.

Why is it important? It means we’re able to control every aspect of how we treat the tea, the land it’s grown on, and the people who cultivate it. It also means our tea doesn’t sit around in warehouses waiting to be blended or brokered. When it leaves our garden destined for your teacup, you know you’re getting the freshest tea possible.



We’re Organic

Did you know the first time tea leaves are “washed” is when you brew them? So anything tea is treated or sprayed with ends up in your teacup. We treat our tea leaves with love, not pesticides. So every sip is clean, fresh, and healthy. We never use chemicals on our tea, and we only use organic farming methods, like cover crops, bio-fertilizers, and natural pest control.

We’ve put Bangladesh on the map for organic tea production and export. We were the first certified organic and fair trade certified garden in Bangladesh, and our 3,000 acre garden is one of the largest organic tea gardens in the world.



We’re Regenerative

Our revolutionary approach to farming is very different from what any other tea-grower is doing (to our knowledge). We’ve implemented the natural farming practices of Japanese Master Masanobu Fukuoka. We use no pesticides, machinery, or unnatural irrigation in the cultivation of our teas. We simply let Mother Nature do the work. This “do no harm to the environment” method has helped the region flourish and resulted in the total regeneration of the ecosystem at our garden.

“We started the garden on barren land. Now the region is a lush paradise. Through our organic farming, it’s helped restore the ecosystem. Wildlife and plant species that had disappeared have come back.” -- Teatulia CEO, Linda Appel-Lipsius.



We’re Community Driven

Our tea garden started in 2000 with the goal of boosting the struggling economy by providing jobs to an impoverished region of Bangladesh. It has also provided life-changing opportunities for people in the community. Our garden employs more than 800 people in a safe and healthy environment, free from dangerous chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

We’ve also created sustainable prosperity by providing health and education programs and organic farming training to help Bangladeshi families break the cycle of poverty.



What does it mean to be single garden direct?



Alliance of sustainable Tea Gardens

Alliance of Sustainable Gardens

While we source the bulk of our teas from our own tea garden in Northern Bangladesh we also partner with other USDA Organic Certified and Fair Trade Certified tea gardens throughout the world, in what we call the Alliance of Sustainable Gardens. Not all types of teas grow in our Himalayan environment and to meet quantity demands we required to source outside of our own growing means. These gardens meet the same rigorous standards that we hold at our own tea garden to ensure we keep the same high quality teas across our entire product line.