Tasting Notes

We are delighted to introduce our range of ten organic Teatulia® teas, each offering a unique flavor profile, with one or more that will satisfy every palate!

Additionally, all of our teas are available whole leaf loose or in pyramid tea bags for convenience.





Dry Leaves:  Small leaves with golden tips throughout. Faint apricot aroma.
Aroma:  Unbelievably fresh.
Color:  Golden with a reddish hue.
Flavor:  Bright, full body. Sweet, rich, absolutely refreshing. Slight nuttiness, slight smokiness. Tongue-coating, incorporating all your taste buds with no bitterness. Perfectly balanced. Retains its identity with the addition of milk and sugar.
Dry Leaves:  Medium even leaves with a strong fragrance of the finest organic oil of bergamot.
Aroma:  Mild citrus.
Color:  Golden-red.
Flavor:  While inspired by Earl Grey, Earl of Bengal has a delightful lightness and freshness to it. The bergomot citrus hits gently on the center of the palate and seamlessly melds into a satisfying maltiness.
Dry Leaves:  Large, mighty leaves that nearly burst out of the silken sachet when steeped.
Aroma:  Nutty and buttery.
Color:  Light golden brown.
Flavor:  Smooth, medium body, with a mellow finish. Highly drinkable with a slight sweetness at the finish. A very familiar tea that can be easily enjoyed in large quantities.
Dry Leaves:  Medium-sized leaves mixed with bright green broken Neem leaf.
Aroma:  Full nose with a tartness at the finish.
Color:  Golden
Flavor:  Totally unique. Bright, full-bodied with a delightful crispness. Cleansing on the palate. Ideal with savory food. Exquisite on ice.
Dry Leaves:  Small black leaves interspersed with leaf from the amazing Tulsi plant.
Aroma:  Intensely spicy.
Color:  Red.
Flavor:  Unlike anything you have ever tasted. A rich, full-bodied spiciness and sweetness. Delicious hot or cold. Nice with milk. Excellent with meals - should be enjoyed similar to chai.
Dry Leaves:  Broken green leaves.
Aroma:  Wood and perhaps some green bell pepper. Fresh, clean and grassy like fresh clean hay.
Color:  Green-gold with a pink hue.
Flavor:  Medium body with a grassy, fresh, slightly vegetal flavor. Slightly astringent finish with a refreshing cooling quality. Perfect any time of day for green tea lovers.
Dry Leaves:  Gorgeous half-inch needles with a delicate soft white fuzz.
Aroma:  Rich and subtle.
Color:  Golden.
Flavor:  Delicately rich and wholly satisfying. Excellent choice for starting off a hot summer day or relaxing in the early evening. Sweet, subtle flavor - a lovely introduction to the world of tea.
Dry Leaves:  Small, delicate ginger bits mixed with broken vasaka leaf.
Aroma:  Spicy and earthy.
Color:  Golden orange.
Flavor:  Bold, broad spiciness. Initial sips are a lovely, intense flavor; spicy and peppery with sweet overtones. Mellows after a few minutes in the cup. Nice anytime, but especially after a meal.


Dry Leaves:  Small, broken lemongrass stalks and bay leaf pieces with a nice, dull-green color.
Aroma:  Zesty citrus.
Color:  Delicate yellow.
Flavor:  Refreshing. Light. Thirst-quenching. The most pure lemon flavor with a savory touch of bay leaf and hints of earthy grass. Iced, it makes for a wonderful alternative to a sugary lemonade.


Dry Leaves:  Broken peppermint leaves.
Aroma:  Sweet and cooling.
Color:  Amber.
Flavor:  Smooth and buttery while still possessing subtle, minty qualities and characteristics. A perfect refreshing and relaxing experience.