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Herbal Tea Health Benefits

For many tea drinkers, herbal tea offers a unique and beneficial experience. Teatulia® is happy to offer tea drinkers a variety of options, and infused herbal organic teas fall within that spectrum.

Herbal Tea vs. Other Teas

The composition of herbal teas varies from other teas, as they are generally not made from the leaves or buds of the tea plant. Instead, herbal tea is made from a variety of different flowers, seeds, leaves and roots; these could include everything from chamomile to artichokes. There is one similarity between herbal tea and other types of tea: all are made with hot water. As with the varieties of tea produced by tea plants, herbal tea can also be prepared using a wide array of techniques. These may include pouring the water directly on plant parts, boiling the tea on the stove or using tea bags to create a delicious infused tea. No matter the origin of the tea or the method used for preparation, the result is a hot drink that's both pleasant to consume and effective in terms of potential health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

As with other types of tea, herbal tea can be amazingly beneficial for the drinker's physical and mental health. Likely benefits vary from one herbal tea to the next, simply because each type of organic tea is made from a different set of ingredients. However, all herbal teas offer drinkers the chance to sit back and relax, a soothing element that can be beneficial for a person's mental health. The following are a few more specific benefits found in Teatulia's organic herbal teas:

  • Ginger: Drinking ginger tea on a daily basis has long been a part of people's diets. Read More: Ginger Tea Benefits
  • Peppermint: Peppermint tea is often associated with a pre-bedtime rituals. Read More: Peppermint Tea Benefits

Herbal tea offers a wide range of potential benefits. Whether you prefer lemongrass, ginger or peppermint tea, you will find your quality of life greatly improved when you incorporate Teatulia's herbal teas into your daily routine.

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