Iced Tea

What is Iced Tea?

Iced tea, done properly, is more complicated than it first appears. Fortunately, it isn’t that much more complicated. But more goes into this process than simply placing hot tea in the fridge to cool down. To enjoy a true, refreshing glass of iced tea the way it was intended, take a moment and learn the basics...

Discover iced tea.

Historically, the development of the ice house, then the ice box, spurred the popularity of iced tea. But the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis is credited for igniting the craze. Concessionaires running the East Indian Pavilion were offering hot tea to fairgoers, but since it was summertime, this wasn’t going over well. In a moment of inspiration they rigged a dispenser that fed the tea through ice-cold pipes. It could be that the muggy hot weather played its part, but iced tea was an instant hit.

Iced tea can be sweet as well.

The recipe for Sweet Tea, a proud staple of the American south, was created in the late 19th century. The first known recipe was published in 1879 in a magazine called Housekeeping in Old Virginia. Sweet tea was first seen as a luxury, due to the combination of tea, sugar and ice. Back then, all three of these ingredients were expensive and had to be shipped. (Even ice—these were pre-refrigerator times.) Today, Sweet Tea in enjoyed everywhere. Popular garnishes include mint, lemon and cream.

Iced Tea Brewing Techniques

Why not give each of these approaches to brewing iced tea a try? Each offers tea lovers a subtle difference when compared to the other techniques. The beauty of enjoying iced tea is that it is simple to prepare.

(Option 1-Brewing)
First, brew hot tea as you normally would, then pour over ice. It is recommended to chill the tea before pouring over ice to prevent dilution.

(Option 2-Make a Concentrate)
Brew your tea with a higher ratio of tea to water than usual. For example, use 15 Teatulia pyramid bags per gallon of water to make a concentrate. Dilute the concentrate as you are ready to enjoy it.

(Option 3-Sweet Tea)
First, boil water and prepare tea as you normally would. However, while you are doing this, boil one cup of water and 3/4 cup of sugar, stirring and mixing this combination as it heats. After steeping the tea bags, add the sugar mixture, then mix well. Garnish with lemon or a sprig of mint—or whatever you wish.

Try all three brewing techniques. No matter which one you choose, pour over a glass of ice and garnish with lemon, mint, whatever you wish.

Teatulia brings the same level of passion and commitment to iced tea and hot tea.


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