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6-2-2022 : World Tea News - Teatulia Tea Bar to Expand at Denver International Airport. “We are excited to offer our delicious teas to DEN travelers, joining other venerated local brands in partnership with Mission Yogurt,” said Tim Bradley, Teatulia’s CEO. “It's a natural next step for us as a rapidly expanding national brand.” [read more]

3-31-2022 : Brew Bound - Stem Cider Releases Leaves and Carrot Ginger Turmeric as Two New Botanical Ciders -  Stem Ciders teamed up with Colorado’s Teatulia Organic Teas to source a medley of award-winning teas and herbs. Leaves features Oolong tea sourced from Teatulia’s Bangledeshi gardens, Chinese Black Fanning tea, and hand-picked organic Lemongrass.[read more]

5-18-2020 : Restaurant News Release - Teatulia Refreshes Communities with New Wellness Packs. For every pack purchased, the Denver-based organic tea company will donate one to a healthcare facility. [read more]

11-4-2019 : Bev Net - Teatulia Organic Tea Soda Expands to the East Coast. Fans of a healthier alternative to conventional soda can now find Teatulia’s Organic Tea Soda on the shelves of leading retailers on the East Coast (Wegmans, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare) and in its home Rocky Mountain region (Natural Grocers and Lucky’s Markets in Colorado). [read more]

11-31-2019 : Tea & Coffee - Teatulia gains national US listings. Teatulia, the Denver-based organic tea company, recently launched its ready-to-drink Organic Tea Sodas into 500 stores across the US. [read more]

11-29-2019 : Restaurant News - Tea Soda Expands to the East Coast. Fans of a healthier alternative to conventional soda can now find Teatulia’s Organic Tea Soda on the shelves of leading retailers on the East Coast and in its home Rocky Mountain region: Wegmans, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Natural Grocers and Lucky’s Markets in Colorado. [read more]

10-23-2019 : A recent study that indicates some of our competitors’ premium sachet teabags made from petrochemical-derived PET plastic or nylon can leave billions of microplastic particles in their tea during the steeping process. [read our statement]

9-16-2019 : The Alliance Center - Teatulia’s high standards for environmental stewardship and transparency act as a powerful force for influencing more responsible business practices within their industry and beyond. [read more]

6-10-2019 : Channel 9 News - Colorado tea company brings a taste of Bangladesh home [watch the video]

5-21-2019 : Teatulia Organic Tea Soda Launches in Whole Foods Market - Fans of the award-winning organic tea producer, Teatulia, can now grab Tea Soda off the shelves of Whole Foods Market. [read more]

4-27-2019 : 5280 Magazine: "Teatulia’s Tea Sodas Are the Warm-Weather Drink You Didn’t Know You Needed" - Warm-weather après is forever changed—and improved—now that Denver-based Teatulia is canning its popular black, green, lemongrass, and mint tea sodas. [read more]

4-24-2019 : Food Business News:  ‘Clean energy’ driving beverage innovation - Before sleek cans and shot-style bottles, there was the cup. From an oversize ceramic mug to the portable lidded paperboard or foam container, a cup of joe was what one turned to when looking for an energizing beverage. [read more

4-18-2019 : Dhaka Tribune: Teatulia brings tea in vogue in the US - Although coffee is the most popular caffeinated beverage in the US, the country is slowly embracing tea, with more than 159 million Americans drinking it every day....On the forefront of this battle for beverage supremacy is a Colorado-based tea company, Teatulia, which imports single-garden, direct, sustainably grown tea from a tea garden in the Tetulia region of northern Bangladesh. [read more]

4-15-2019 : Tea Soda: Organic Tea Company Debuts New Line - If you are already a fan of award-winning organic teas from Teatulia, get ready for some great new products this year that will really surprise you...The Denver-based tea company is poised to create even more customer demand as it launches Tea Soda, its first ready-to-drink line. [read more]

4-11-2019 : Forbes: From Bangladesh To Colorado: How One Company Is Turning More Americans Onto Tea By Sharing Its Story - OK, so we’re not quite like the British when it comes to tea consumption. In fact, we’re not even in the top 10 in the world. But that doesn’t mean us Americans aren’t trying to embrace the beverage known for its health benefits and versatile flavor profiles. [read more]

3-27-2019 : Fresh from Expo West: 10 Top Natural Trends for 2019 - Globe-trotting trend watcher Nancy Trent reveals the innovative products and hot categories that caught her eye on the show floor. [read more]

3-26-2019 : Prepared Foods showcases new beverage products debuting in April 2019 - The FABI Awards honor the year’s most delicious, unique, and exciting food and beverage products that benefit restaurant operators, chefs, and bartenders alike. [read more]

3-8-2019 : 6 Women Defining Denver's Beverage Scene. 5280 - Meet the fierce females bringing creativity and innovation to everything from local kombucha to beer to bourbon. [read more]

3-2-2019 : Teatulia Organic Tea Introduces Tea Soda. Progressive Grocers - Teatulia Organic Teas, already known for award-winning hot teas, introduces new ready-to-drink Tea Sodas that will be sure to delight your guests that are looking for refreshment with bold and beautiful tea notes, distinctive fruits and herbs, lightly sweetened, and with just the right amount of bubbly fizz. [read more]

3-1-2019 : Women In Denver - The women-founded Colorado companies that fuel my healthy lifestyle. [read more]

11-28-2018 : Review: Teatulia Organic Tea Soda. BevNet - To date, Teatulia has been a high-end purveyor of loose leaf tea with a focus on being a purveyor of “garden-to-cup” teas from Bangladesh. Going to an RTD tea “soda” certainly feels like a big change of pace, especially with regards to the role that the quality of the tea plays in it. [read more]

9-14-2018 : The 2017 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink - Fortune and Time Inc. sister publication Food & Wine teamed up to bring you our fourth annual list of the women who had the most transformative impact in the last year on what we eat and drink. [read more]

7-30-2018 : Best Places to Get Matcha Tea Drinks in Denver. 303 Magazine - If you love Japanese culture or are somewhat of a tea aficionado, you probably know about the craze that is matcha tea, and if you haven’t—well you might want to try this sweet yet earthy, green drink. [read more]

9-5-2017 : Busting bias, building confidence - CU Denver hosts conference aimed at empowering women business owners - Burpees and pushups gave way to workshops and pep talks at a Business Owners Bootcamp on the CU Denver campus, yet the goal of the exercises were similar: boosting strength and confidence in the nearly 100 conference-goers representing companies from across the state. [read more]

7-11-2017 : Denver's Westwood - Teatulia Is Taking on the Tea Industry, From Garden to Cup “Do you drink tea?” Linda Appel Lipsius asks as she pours hot water over leaves in a half-dozen white bowls. Lipsius is the co-founder and CEO of Teatulia, an organic garden-to-cup tea brand, and we’re standing in her cafe in LoHi, sampling a significant portion of Teatulia’s line. [read more]

2-22-2017 : 5 Local Tea-Centric Cafes - Although Denver’s thriving coffee scene has been widely celebrated, the city is also home to a slew of fantastic tea-centric cafes. [read more]

10-5-2016 : Carrie Dorr Interview With Linda Appel Lipsius - Have you heard of Teatulia, a Denver-based tea company? If you have, due to their delicious tea offerings, you might not know how much of a social impact they are having through their business. It's truly inspiring. [read more]

1-12-2016 : Teatulia’s Linda Appel Lipsius honored as an industry leader by the Specialty Food Association - Teatulia Organic Teas’ Co-founder and CEO, Linda Appel Lipsius, was named one of six winners of the Specialty Food Association’s fourth annual Leadership Awards. The awards honor leaders who have gone "above and beyond" in advancing food standards in society by creating social, economic, and environmental impact through innovation and vision. [read more]

12-4-2015 : Madhava Tea Tyhme Cocktail - This drink is sure to warm you up on a cold winter day, or be the perfect bedtime treat. Enjoy! [watch the video]

11-17-2015 : Thirsty Thursday Moments with Libre - Since 2006, Linda Appel Lipsius  has been working with her partners in Bangladesh, one of the purest countries on earth, to bring premium-quality, sustainably-sourced teas from a previously-unknown growing region to the United States and the UK. [read more]

8-9-2015 : Forbes 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands for 2015 - Teatulia Organic Teas is proud to be recognized as one of the 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands for 2015 by CircleUp in collaboration with Forbes. According to the founder and CEO of Circleup, Ryan Caldbeck, Teatulia was selected for the 2015 top 25 for "bringing us organic tea, while operating a social cooperative tea garden in Bangladesh–one of the largest in the world." [read more]

2-25-2015 : Review By Oolong Owl : A lot more bagged tea has been coming my way these days and I’m not sure why. Rest assured, it’s all been really good bagged tea! [read more]

6-17-2014 : Teatulia Organic Teas Selected for Colorado Company to Watch Award - Teatulia Organic Teas announced today that it has been named a 2014 Colorado Company to Watch, acknowledging their drive, excellence and influence as a growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.... [read more]

5-14-2014 : Teatulia Receives iF Packaging Design Award - Teatulia Organic Teas has received the prestigious 2014 iF packaging design award from the iF International Forum Design Hannover. Most retail teas are presented in box containers or tin tubes, but Teatulia offers its teas in sustainable style using an eco-canister.... [read more]

3-21-2014 : Teatulia Organic Teas Launches New Line of Mouthwatering, Organic Iced Teas - Award-winning Teatulia Organic Teas, announced today the launch of their 100% organic, fresh-brewed iced tea line. The line of iced teas will be unveiled at the National Association of College & University Food Services Expo on March 20, 2014.... [read more]

5-1-2013 : Teatulia Achieves Rainforest Alliance Certification - Continuing their commitment to sustainability, Teatulia Organic Teas announced today that their own tea garden in Bangladesh has met the rigorous standards for Rainforest Alliance certification.... [read more]