How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea

There are few things more iconic than iced tea on a hot day. When it comes to brewing, it’s easy to pour your favorite tea over ice and enjoy. But there’s another way to prepare iced tea that yields even better, more well-rounded flavors without the risk of oversteeping.

Cold brewing is the best way to make iced tea and it’s just as simple as the traditional hot-to-cold method. In fact, it’s easier--and healthier!

3 Reasons to Cold Brew

Cold Brewing Instructions

Quick Single Serve:

  1. Drop 1-2 tea bags in a glass of 12oz water or water bottle.
  2. Let tea bags steep for at least ten minutes (or to taste).
  3. Enjoy!




Overnight Brew:

  1. Add 4 Tbsp. loose leaf tea (or 4 tea bags) to 1 qt. filtered water.
  2. Refrigerate green teas, white teas, and herbals for 2-6 hours and black and oolong teas for 6-10 hours. Or, brew to taste.
  3. Strain and serve.

Cold Brew Iced Tea from Tea Bags

Cold Brew Iced Tea from Tea Bags


For Energy Tea Bags:

  1. Drop. Throw tea bag(s) in your water bottle. We recommend 1 tea bag per 8oz of water, or steep to taste
  2. Go. Start drinking immediately or let brew for a few minutes to get the full flavor. 

Our Energy Teas brew much more quickly because they are fine cut (as opposed to whole leaf). The greater surface area enables the flavors to develop faster. Plus, the matcha, vitamin C and stevia release immediately--which is good news if you’re on the go and just can’t wait!


For Iced Tea Portion Packs:

  1. Place 1 Organic on Ice® pre-portioned tea bag into 1 gallon of filtered water.
  2. Refrigerate for the same duration as regular tea.

Pro tip: Since it's hard to oversteep cold brewed teas, experiment with various steeping times. You can even place your tea in the refrigerator overnight so it’s waiting for you in the morning. 

Cold Brew Iced Tea

Cold Brew Iced Tea

Sparkle Brew

Want to ramp up your cold brew tea? Here’s a fun variation from Linda, our CEO & Co-Founder:

"Cold brew tea is the best--quick, easy and super yummy. My favorite is to pour sparkling water over our white tea. It’s what I call Sparkle Brew! It makes the tea taste that much better." - Linda Appel Lipsius


Make It Yours

Have a taste of your tea. It will likely be perfect as is. But if you usually take your tea with a bit of sweetener or lemon, have at it. Here are a few possible additions:

  • Lemon or orange wedge
  • Milk of choice
  • Fresh mint or cilantro
  • Fresh ginger
  • Cucumber slices
  • Splash of lemonade
  • Coconut sugar, simple syrup or stevia (stir well or shake in a Mason jar to combine)
  • Spirits for an adult brew

Or, try a combination of ingredients!

Hot-to-Cold Method

Still love the traditional method of brewing iced tea? Do your thing!

For Loose or Tea Bags:

  1. Pour 8 oz. of just boiled water over 2 Tbsp. loose leaf tea (or 2 tea bags).
  2. Steep for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Strain and pour over ice. Or strain, let cool, and refrigerate to chill.

Hot Brew Tea With Loose Leaf

Hot to Cold Brew Tea With Tea Bags

For Iced Tea Portion Packs:

  1. Place 1 Organic on Ice pre-portioned tea bag into 1 gallon of just boiled water.
  2. Steep for 3-4 minutes and strain.
  3. Cool and refrigerate to chill.
  4. Serve over ice.

Hot Brew with Portion Pack Iced Tea

Hot Brew with Portion Pack Iced Tea



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