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Teatulia's tea varieties have been extensively reviewed by the fine folks at Teaviews. We invite you to click on their logo below to peruse these insightful reviews!

Teatulia's tea varieties have also been reviewed by the tea-loving community at Steepster. We invite you to click on their logo below to browse these reviews as well!


4-3-2016 : Energy Green Tea by Love For Tea I believe in the power of natural herbs and I am thrilled to review Teatulia’s energy. The brilliant fact about these blends is that they were formulated for one of the mountain climbers in the world, to keep him energised and hydrated on the summit of Mount Everest. And the tea is Sherpas approved too! I’ve drank this tea for a week as my pre and post workout drink and I think this stimulating matcha blend will definitely waken your senses.... [read more]

8-30-2015 Energy Black Tea by Tea Genie  This tea lives up to its name, and provides a very natural energy boost without the crash. I found it to be replenishing and feel more motivated, aware, and alert after drinking it... [read more]

3-15-2015 Notes On Tea - Teatulia  In this opportunity we head off to Northern Bangladesh, to the region of Teatulia. Teatulia is a company that specialises in organic tea from their own single USDA-certified organic garden in northern Bangladesh, offering a range of teas as well as herbal infusions... [read more]

3-1-2015 : Black Tea Review by Eudaimonia Ahh, Teatulia. What a great company. When the folks from Teatulia got in touch with me to review their teas, I was delighted to learn that have won multiple awards for not only their teas, but also their packaging. Add to that a commitment to social responsibility, and you’ve got a company with purpose.... [read more]

2-25-2015 : Review by Oolong Owl So, how about some award winning Oolong, that happens to be in bagged tea form? This oolong is from Teatulia and is based in Colorado. Their teas are USDA organic and sourced direct from their single estate tea garden in northern Bangladesh (the Teatulia area).... [read more]

9-17-2014 : Review by Loco Belly What with that cold snap and all, last week I headed down to the Tea Bar in Denver to stock up on some Teatulia tea samples and try their delicious tea soda. First and foremost, we tend to profile companies based on their environmental and business ethics.... [read more]

9-20-2013 : Review by the Frugal Fanatic Although I am not a big tea drinker, I can honestly say that I did enjoy the 2 flavors that we were sent to try. I had never even tried a green tea before doing this review. I do like to drink Iced Tea so I made a few cups of iced tea with both the Green Tea and the Jasmine Green Tea that they sent.... [read more]

5-29-2013 : Review: Neem Nectar Tea It isn't often I get a chance to really relax. i get about an hour in the morning to myself to blog and catch up on news while enjoying the quiet of everybody sleeping, but that's also my coffee time. throughout the day i drink tea as a way to try to relax and hydrate.... [read more]

3-4-2012 : Mary's Teatulia Tea Medley Review This tea from Teatulia is grown organically in Bangladesh and is USDA certified to be organic and the only garden that has approached tea cultivation on virgin soil and is grown using natural farming methods inspired by the philosophy of Japanese master Masanobu Fukuoka... [read more]

1-26-2012 : Hungry in Portland Earl of Bengal Review - Unapologetically flavorful with a splash of bergamot citrus. A refreshing new take on the classic Earl Grey... [read more]

12-10-2011 : Teatulia Review by Drink a cup of Teatulia daily, the health drink. It tastes better than commercial teas. Requires no additional sweeteners. Add a new dimension of flavor with sweeteners such as honey. Searching for a health drink? Have a cup of tea... [read more]

3-16-2011 : Good Thing...Teatulia Tulsi Infusion Tea! Okay, so this tea (as far as I know) is not endorsed by Martha Stewart...yet anyway. However, it has to do with food so I'm blending this post into the blog.... [read more]

7-25-2010 : Review: Teatulia Bengal Breakfast Teatulia's teas are all grown in their garden in Northern Bangladesh. I love that their teas are packaged in eco-friendly containers. I steeped this tea using an infuser basket with 212 degree water for two minutes. The leaves were a rich brown color and the shape of them was elegantly long and twisted.... [read more]

Press and Blog Coverage:

1-12-2016 : Teatulia’s Linda Appel Lipsius honored as an industry leader by the Specialty Food Association - Teatulia Organic Teas’ Co-founder and CEO, Linda Appel Lipsius, was named one of six winners of the Specialty Food Association’s fourth annual Leadership Awards. The awards honor leaders who have gone "above and beyond" in advancing food standards in society by creating social, economic, and environmental impact through innovation and vision. [read more]

8-9-2015 : Forbes 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands for 2015 - Teatulia Organic Teas is proud to be recognized as one of the 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands for 2015 by CircleUp in collaboration with Forbes. According to the founder and CEO of Circleup, Ryan Caldbeck, Teatulia was selected for the 2015 top 25 for "bringing us organic tea, while operating a social cooperative tea garden in Bangladesh–one of the largest in the world." [read more]

6-17-2014 : Teatulia Organic Teas Selected for Colorado Company to Watch Award - Teatulia Organic Teas announced today that it has been named a 2014 Colorado Company to Watch, acknowledging their drive, excellence and influence as a growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.... [read more]

5-14-2014 : Teatulia Receives iF Packaging Design Award - Teatulia Organic Teas has received the prestigious 2014 iF packaging design award from the iF International Forum Design Hannover. Most retail teas are presented in box containers or tin tubes, but Teatulia offers its teas in sustainable style using an eco-canister.... [read more]

4-18-2014 : Culinary Culture: The Tea Bar Will Make a Leaf Lover Out of You - Sandwiched between the Green Garage and Mamahood in The Highlands, The Tea Bar is successfully bringing together two opposing worlds. The world of tea and the world of coffee.... [read more]

3-21-2014 : Teatulia Organic Teas Launches New Line of Mouthwatering, Organic Iced Teas - Award-winning Teatulia Organic Teas, announced today the launch of their 100% organic, fresh-brewed iced tea line. The line of iced teas will be unveiled at the National Association of College & University Food Services Expo on March 20, 2014.... [read more]

3-4-2014 : Three New Teas from Teatulia Organic Teas Promises that Palates all Over America Will Jump for Joy - Teatulia Organic Teas expands its organic tea offerings with new oolong tea, ginger green tea, and chamomile.... [read more]

2-26-2014 : From Williams & Graham to Acorn: These Are Ten Cocktails Highlighting Tea - In this craft cocktail era, imbibers are being reintroduced to various ingredients—from Chartreuse to flavored bitters—and everything that's old is new again. But sometimes it just takes the addition of a familiar ingredient to establish a trend, like tea.... [read more]

10-3-2013 : Campus to be sweetened by alum’s tea - Linda Appel Lipsius, CC ’93, is bringing her state-of-the-art teas to cafés across campus. Teatulia, of which Lipsius is the CEO and co-founder, grows its organic teas in the Tetulia region of northern Bangladesh and brings the region’s unique flavors to the U.S., the U.K., and Japan.... [read more]

8-5-2013 : The dessertist performs truffles and cremes - Denver chef and molecular gastronomist, Ian Kleinman of the Inventing Room has designed after-dinner masterpieces, highlighting his famous liquid nitrogen truffles. Dessert lovers will get the chance to see how a traditionally laborious treat can be made in a matter of minutes.... [read more]

6-5-2013 : Teatulia Crowned Iced Tea Champion at North American Tea Championship - Teatulia Organic Teas has earned the number one spot at the North American Tea Championship in this year’s herbal iced tea category. This win marks Teatulia’s third recognition as North American Tea Champions.... [read more]

5-15-2013 : Tragedy in Bangladesh - The Bangladesh part of the Teatulia family feels deeply affected by the terrible tragedy of Rana Plaza, a garments factory whose recent collapsed led to the deaths of more than 1,000 workers. Both the nature and the scale of this accident has left us feeling stunned, and with some deep soul-searching about how some businesses are conducted here.... [read more]

5-1-2013 : Teatulia Achieves Rainforest Alliance Certification - Continuing their commitment to sustainability, Teatulia Organic Teas announced today that their own tea garden in Bangladesh has met the rigorous standards for Rainforest Alliance certification.... [read more]

1-9-2013 : Best Organics Interviews Linda - What inspired you to start your business? My background is in consumer products/packaged goods – when my good friend, Anis Ahmed, Teatulia’s President & Co-Founder, said he wanted to bring his teas to the US, I offered to help him out. The more I learned about the garden and the business model (and the more I learned to love the teas themselves), I was hooked!.... [read more]

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