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Notes from the Garden Blog

The Contact Keeper

As you know, we just returned from the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. This trade show is ALL about tea! Bulk tea, packaged tea, tea cups, cars that look like a tea pot, everything tea! However, there is one gem I’d like to share with you that made this trade show so successful – [...]

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The Uncultured Project

As I was browsing through the YouTube videos, I came across the Uncultured Project. This is an amazing idea brought forth by a very amazing person.The Uncultured Project is a funny name given to a simple idea.It’s not a charity.It’s not a NGO.It’s not an attempt at becoming a YouTube celebrity.It’s just a project by [...]

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The Uncultured Project: Challange Poverty (With the YouTube community and Save the Children USA)

In the past I have posted about the Uncultured Project and the amazing things Shawn is doing in and for the country and people of Bangladesh. In his own words:“This is not a charity, this is not an NGO, and this is definitely not an attempt at fame or fortune. It’s just a project that [...]

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Singing in the Tea Field

In Bangladesh it is not uncommon to hear singing at any given moment. In this video, women sing while they pluck the tea.

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Teas From Bangladesh: The Next Generation Focused Tasting

For those of you attending the 2008 World Tea Expo we invite you to attend Teas From Bangladesh: The Next Generation Focused Tasting. This will take place on June 1st from 8:30am – 9:30am.This seminar will feature Teatulia founder and CEO Kazi Anis Ahmed and Consultant Linda Appel Lipsius. Read their bios by clicking this [...]

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The Teapot

These days most tea companies offer some sort of tea accessories line. Whether it’s appliances to brew your tea, tea cups, tea balls, sticks, infusers, you name it – it’s out there. Tetulia is going to stick to making top quality organic tea and leave the accessories to the accessories professionals – but [...]

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Teatulia – More Than Organic

By definition, to be certified USDA Organic, you must adhere to the following:Avoidance of most synthetic chemical inputs (e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives, etc), genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and the use of sewage sludge. At Tetulia, we go far beyond Organic: We follow the Masanobu Fukuoka “Do Nothing” farming method. The Fukuoka Method ensures [...]

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All Working Together

With the recent celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to recognize some of the other products/companies that we think are doing a great job making our earth a better, safer, and healthier place to live.Pangea Organics – This luscious skin-care line is not only amazing as a product, but it’s also 100% organic. Pangea has [...]

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Why Amerca Needs A Tea Renaissance

America – put down your laptops and cellphones and go enjoy a nice cup of tea. (after you read this, of course)Volume 2 of The Leaf, a free online-zine about tea, just published an article that I think is worthy of a glance from anyone who is so busy in their daily lives that they [...]

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The Teatulia Cooperative – Bringing life to the land and people

When the first camellia sinensis was planted in the Tetulia garden in 2000, the goal wasn’t necessarily to produce an amazing premium tea. The goal was to employ the largest number of people in a healthy, progressive and environmentally-friendly enterprise. It just so happens that Tetulia accomplished this, while cultivating a world-class organic tea!One of [...]

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