Notes from the Garden Blog

Linda's Worms

Posted by Teatulia on 5-27-2020

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Linda, has set up her own vermi composting system at her home in Denver, CO to cut down on waste and revive the soil the way that nature intended. We asked her to share … read more

Introducing Tea to Your Toddy

Posted by Teatulia on 11-11-2017

At Teatulia Organic Teas, we published our first cookbook with 75 unique cocktail recipes featuring the hottest trend in mixology—tea! It’s true. Tea is making its way—in a big way—into the bartend … read more

The Perfect “Secret Recipe” For Fall Dishes

Posted by Teatulia on 11-3-2014

Fall has officially, although a tad late, arrived! Whether you are starting to plan your Thanksgiving feast, or anxiously awaiting that invitation to bring a dish to a holiday gathering – you’ll wan … read more

Certified Organic - What Does it Mean?

Posted by Teatulia on 3-6-2013

The term organic is used to describe a complete, ecologically balanced approach to farming. Organic growers use traditional farming methods to conserve and improve soil conditions, which pro … read more

Neem Tree

Posted by Teatulia on 6-5-2012

The neem tree is no ordinary sapling. Also known as Azadirachta indica, Neem is one of the most celebrated herbs in ayurvedic tradition. Often called the ‘Village Pharmacy’ in the Indian subcontinen … read more