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Peppermint Vs Mint


We just launched our brand new Mint tea! Which begs the question, what’s the difference between Teatulia Peppermint and Mint? Peppermint and Mint come from two different … read more

Founder's Friday: The Garden Story with Inam

Posted by Teatulia on 8-21-2020

Great tea starts at the source. We sat down with one of our founders, Kazi Inam Ahmed, to hear his take on how Teatulia came to be. Spoiler alert: Inam reveals how the origin of our sustainable pra … read more

Founder's Friday: How They Met

Posted by Teatulia on 8-7-2020

Teatulia was born in Bangladesh, made in Denver, but did you know our beginnings all started when two strangers met over a celebrity sighting in a New York coffee shop? Here's the full story from a … read more

Close the loop

Posted by Teatulia on 5-27-2020

Our teas come directly from our organic garden, to your cup. Help us complete the cycle to get your tea back into the soil. It starts with the soil. Our tea garden is not only susta … read more