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Regenerative Agriculture 101


Want to learn more about regenerative agriculture? Keep reading to learn what it is and why you should care.Regenerative agriculture is a holistic farming practice that starts with the soil. Rooted in … read more

Super Bowl Cocktails

Posted by Teatulia on 2-6-2021

We’re prepping our game day cocktails, but need your help to declare the winning drink. Check out our Instagram to vote on the cocktail recipe you’d drink on game day. The Contenders: … read more

Coffee House Copycat Recipes

Posted by Teatulia on 1-27-2021

With a few ingredients (and Teatulia organic teas) you can have your coffee house favorite drinks at home.  Medicine Ball Tea The Medicine Ball Tea is a popular cold-fighting, soo … read more

Vanilla Rooibos Latte


Our Vanilla Rooibos Latte is a sweet treat you’ll be craving morning, noon and night. Rooibos is naturally sweet and caffeine-free making it the star of our creamy, dreamy latte. Vanilla Rooib … read more

Hibiscus Berry Superstar Ingredients


The latest additions to our lineup of exquisite organic teas are our three new herbal varieties: Mint, Vanilla Rooibos, and Hibiscus Berry. Let's zero in on our sweet and tangy Hibiscus Berry. Ou … read more