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All Working Together

Posted by Teatulia on

With the recent celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to recognize some of the other products/companies that we think are doing a great job making our earth a better, safer, and healthier place to live.

Pangea Organics – This luscious skin-care line is not only amazing as a product, but it’s also 100% organic. Pangea has taken organic and earth-friendly to the next level with its Ecocentric Skincare by creating beautiful packaging that you can actually plant! The recycled paper package even has seeds in it.
gDiapers – gDiapers has invented an earth-friendly, flushable diaper. They have very fashionable cotton, washable outer pant, with a plastic free, flushable refill. If you prefer not to flush the gDiapers, you can compost them. They break down in 50-150 days.
Dream Soft Bedware – Dream Soft Bedware has developed a line of linens that are made from 100% organic cotton. These sheets range from 200-400 thread count and are available in all sizes.
Horizon Organic Dairy – Horizon gives every family an option to enjoy organic dairy products. They also helped the United States develop the National Organic Standards and the USDA seal.
Patagonia- Patagonia offers much more than clothing and gear (some of which are certified organic) for an active lifestyle. They offer a place where purchasing quality products actually helps better our world. They have developed extensive programs to let us, the consumer, participate in their own Social Responsibility programs. For example they have developed a Footprints Chronicles feature where consumers can track the life cycle of a product and see how it impacts our environment.

We would love to hear about your favorite products and companies that are Organic, or helping our environment in some way. Also, Please feel free to just add to our list via Comments!

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