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Leafy Business Newsletter May: Real Men Drink Tea

Posted by Teatulia on

Real Men Drink Tea

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three
- Mick Jagger

Throughout history, great warriors, beloved artists, men of science and politicians (real men one and all) have been tea drinkers!

  • First Recorded Tea Drinker
    Chinese Emperor Shen Nung
    It is said that the emperor liked his drinking water boiled so it would be clean. One day, on a trip to a distant region, he and his army stopped to rest. A servant boiled water for him to drink, and a tea leaf from a wild tea bush fell into the water, turning it a brownish color. The emperor drank it and found it very refreshing.
    Cha (tea) was born (2737 BC).
  • Defined Tea Drinker
    Samuel Johnson, Lexicographer (1709-1784)
    Reportedly Drank 40 cups a day.
  • Prime Tea Drinker
    Wm Gladstone, Prime Minister UK (1868-1894)
    Filled his hot water bottle with tea so he could have a cup or three during the night without having to get out of bed.
  • Scientific Tea Drinker
    Albert Einstein, Scientist (1879-1955)
    Put forth the Tea Leaf Paradox in 1926 which is now being applied to a new technique for separating red blood cells from plasma and to help understand atmospheric pressure systems.
  • Charitable Tea Drinker
    Nelson Mandela, Pres South Africa (1918-)
    An afternoon tea with Nelson Mandela was auctioned on ebay in 2007 to raise money for MasterCard’s Priceless Moments. Proceeds benefited various African children’s charities.
  • Half Tea LoverArnold Palmer, Pro Golfer (1929-)
    Invented the Arnold Palmer (1/2 tea + 1/2 lemonade) at our very own Cherry Hills Country Club in Englewood, CO.
  • Presidential Tea Drinker
    Barack Obama, US President (1961-)
    President Obama was spotted drinking tea throughout his 2008 Presidential Campaign.
  • Fatherly Tea Drinker (1949-)
    Tom Covel, Father of Brianne Covel @ Teatulia, Blacksmith, Biker, Retired Train Conductor, Real Man…
    Has never gone a day without a cup of loose leaf black tea. In fact, his tea mug and spoon have permanent resin stains from 8000+ cups of tea over the course of Brianne’s lifetime.

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