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Let's Talk About Peppermint...

Posted by Teatulia on

Did you know there are over hundreds of different varieties of mint in the world?

Peppermint is probably the most known of the mint varieties. It is a hybrid mint – a cross between spearmint and watermint. The plant is indigenous to Europe, but is now widely cultivated throughout the world.

Most of the peppermint that we consume in the United States is grown in the northwest states – primarily Washington. Peppermint grows really well there because it is so moist and cool. However, as with all crops, properties and flavor profiles are dependent on where it is grown. So peppermint from Washington tastes different from peppermint grown in China and peppermint grown in Bangladesh (where our peppermint comes from). Our Bangladeshi peppermint has an unusually rich, buttery taste to it rather than the typical spicy, sharp, cooling flavor.

Peppermint “tea” is usually just dried peppermint leaves – no actual tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves included, and therefore caffeine-free. Most tea companies call this out by using terms such as “herbal” or “tisane.” But some companies don’t specify this! In order to be sure of what you’re drinking, always read the ingredients. If there are tea leaves included, the label will include the word tea.

So treat yourself to a hot cup of peppermint herbal infusion this winter. Oh and just a tip… it pairs very well with chocolate! For a unique peppermint experience for you or for a gift, try Teatulia’s Peppermint Herbal Infusion.

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