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What is your Dosha?

Posted by Teatulia on

In continuing our exploration of Ayurveda, Jessica Richmond explains the three different Doshas.

A dosha is the primary energy that is expressed in a person. The energy could be that of ether, air, fire, water, or earth. There are three doshas in all, and that is how an ayurvedic practitioner will look at you — through the lens of what energy you mostly are at the time. Once we know what your dosha is, we can help you to get your system back in balance.
The three doshas are as follows:
1. Vata (ether + air) – people who are vata doshas tend to be thin, talkative, and move alot — they talk fast, walk fast, and are generally on the move. when they are out of balance, they tend towards anxiety, dry skin, and constipation.

2. Pitta (fire + water) – people who are pitta doshas tend to be average height and weight, and have reddish skin with freckles, light hair (or bald), and they are very intense — everything they do, they give 110% — they are very smart, and also tend to be competitive. they have a strong digestion, and can’t miss a meal or they will get angry. when they are out of balance, they tend towards anger, impatience, rashy skin, acne, loose stools and heartburn.

3. Kapha (water + earth) – people who are kapha doshas tend to be bigger boned and heavier set. their skin is very soft and smooth and white, and they have thick hair, big eyes and deep voices. they are very sweet, calm and loving, and they like their routines. when out of balance, kaphas tend to gain weight, be depressed, hold on to things they need to let go, and are lethargic.

Jessica Richmond is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in teaching clients how to apply Ayurvedic principles to an American lifestyle. She helps clients bring their lives back into balance by using foods, natural herbs, and other simple lifestye practices. Jessica completed a 700 hr ayurvedic practitioner training at Kripalu and studied Ayurveda for 4 months in India. She is currently practicing at Alaya Yoga Spa in Louisville, CO. To set up an ayurvedic consultation with her, go to

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